January 14, 2015

pebble drinkers

Gallery Aferro

located at 73 Market Street, Newark, N.J. 07102, 973-353-9533

curated by Stephanie Williams


February 21-March 28, 2015

Opening- Saturday, February 21, 7-10pm


As artists, we choose a voice that is not necessarily lingual but nonetheless navigates narrative terrain. We are both collectors of experiences and storytellers making compositions based on the reflection of those experiences. We are a community that supports one another in our pursuits as mythmakers, anecdote entrepreneurs, role players, biographers, documentarians, and myriad other roles.


Demosthenes, the Greek orator, was said to practice his enunciation with pebbles in his mouth. In order to fully narrate we, perhaps, must drink our pebbles. Given this theme, we propose an exhibition of narrative artists called “Pebble Drinkers.” Each artist playfully explores and reshapes traditional narrative, allowing for shifting perspectives and altered viewings.


Mixed Media work by Rachelle Beaudoin, Brittany De Nigris, Corwin Levi and A.V. Ryan

Painting by Piper Grosswendt and Becca Kallem

Sculpture by Jesse Harrod, Greg Stewart and Stephanie Williams


See the Animation in Progress: below


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