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Dear Friends,

I'm participating in a book project based on Grimm's Tales that showcases work from mid-career and emerging artists. 


Mirror Mirrored a project of Corwin Levi and Michelle Aldredge



Gwarlingo Press is launching a new series of limited-edition classic books, illuminated by contemporary artists, and we are starting with twenty-five Grimm’s fairy tales.

We plan to present a fresh spin on these old tales and, by inviting visual artists to render an eclectic mix of Grimm’s stories, we hope to inspire a new generation of readers and art lovers. This will not be an illustrated edition as much as an illuminated one: we are asking artists to create fresh and exciting pieces in response to the stories and see where the work goes.

Please check back as this site develops. Until then, you can contact us with questions or comments or stay updated through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or our email newsletter



Amy Cutler


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