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Some news about my current projects. Hope to see you there if you’re able to make it.

OPENING Friday, OCT 7, 2016, 6-9pm

Good and Plenty



Artists: Ruby Thorkelson // Brett Balogh // Didier Morelli // Stephanie Williams

The work on view in A Polite Distance is anything but polite. Social distance, or the perception of difference between members of various groups, is reinforced by politeness and other coded behaviors. “Polite distance” is seeing and not doing; a method of editing one’s response; a consideration of space; a way to call out inequalities, but only for the optics on social media. Brett Ian Balogh, Didier Morelli, Ruby Thorkelson, and Stephanie Williams address the pitfalls of polite distance through a range of strategies. From critiques of cultural colonization and the sociopolitical inequity created by gentrification and political vanity to meditations on Earth’s invisible forces, like gravity and electromagnetism, these ar...

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